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Organized Activities

 Here is a sampling of some of the many organized activities offered to our members:

- Men
- Women
- Mixed
- Juniors


  • Men’s Opening Day:  1PM Shotgun start.  Golf is followed by dinner.
  • Match Play Competitions: Several match play competitions for different categories of players such as the Darling Cup, the Kent Trophy, the McLeanTrophy and others, and for teams such as the Shaar Trophy and the WilsonTrophy, are held throughout the golf season. 
  • Interclub Teams: The club has regular and senior men’s interclub teams. These teams are formed following several qualifying rounds and compete against teams from other clubs throughout the golf season.
  • Member Guest Day – Men:  1PM Shotgun start. Each member may invite up to three guests.
  • Pyke Trophy:  Players form their own team with a minimum combined Handicap Factor of 14 and a maximum of 36.  An auction to sell the teams is held prior to the competition which consists of two 27-hole days of play.
  • Golden Rams - The Golden Rams was founded in 1973 as an organization which promotes friendly golf competitions and social outlets for male retirees and semi-retirees who are active golfers at Whitlock.
    This group holds monthly events during the golf season, competing for prizes and each event concludes with a dinner in the Clubhouse.
  • Men’s Closing Day:  8AM and 1PM Shotgun starts. Golf is followed by dinner and prize-giving for the competitions held during the season.



  • Ladies 18-hole Tuesday Competitions - If you enjoy competing and playing with different partners, join the Tuesday morning group of 18-hole golfers. There are competitions at many levels scheduled each Tuesday. 
  • Interclub Teams: The ladies have regular and senior interclub teams. These teams are formed following several qualifying rounds and compete against teams from other clubs throughout the golf season.
  • Ladies Opening Golf and Dinner – Play a friendly round of golf followed by a dinner and fashion show. 
  • Ladies Wednesday 9-Holers
  • Thursday morning Golfers - Another group of lady players called "Les Girls". This is a friendly and informal game group. 
  • Putting Ladies -18 holes and 9 holes too much?  Feel like socializing?  Why not join the lady putters who meet on Tuesday mornings 
  • Ladies Member/Guest day – a 1PM Shotgun start. Each member may invite up to 3 guests. Followed by dinner and prizes. 
  • Ladies Closing Golf and Dinner – A round of golf followed by dinner and prize-giving for all competitions during the season.



  • Mixed Opening Golf and Dinner
  • Madeleine Hempstead Trophy Sunday - A mixed modified two-ball event with handicap played on one day.  
  • Mixed Club Championship – Two player teams compete for the Mixed Club Championship. Total gross score of the team will determine the Club Champions. 
  • Mixed Closing Golf and Dinner.



  • Parent Junior Day:  Teams of two players, consisting of one junior and one parent (or designate), play alternate shots.  Juniors tee-off on odd numbered holes.  Prizes are awarded for lowest gross and net scores. 
  • Tim Cawley Trophy :  This event is to provide our Juniors with valuable experience and promote play between Junior and Senior members.  Selected Juniors will be paired with members of the Men's and Ladies' interclub teams if possible.  The winning team of two will be based on total net score or other formula as determined by the Junior Committee

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